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The Crew.

We would like to thank Robert O'Hara for providing the following information from the official log book of the "Windward" 1860, held at the National Archives, Kew, London. Thanks also to Douglas Garden at Lerwick Library and Fiona Riddell at the Arbuthnot Museum, Peterhead, for helping us identify some of the less legible names and places on the list. There are still a few "not sure" question marks, but we're working on it!

"Windward" - Official Log Book (Stamped at Peterhead, July 25th, 1860) BT 98/6844

Ship No. 27527. Registered in Peterhead. 321 reg. tonnes.

Master: David Ewan. Certificate No. 70104

Date voyage commenced: 25th February, 1860.

Nature of voyage or employment: Greenland and Davis Strait Seal and Whale Fisheries.

Document delivered to The Shipping Master, Port of Peterhead, 14th July, 1860.

From the log:
25th Feb. Saturday, 2.20 p.m. Peterhead Harbour, North.
Sailed the port, bow rope by mistake being too soon let go the ship went on the rocks and received so much damage as required the ship to be taken into the graving dock. (Signed by David Ewan and John D. Scott, ship's carpenter).

28th Feb. Peterhead.
John Rennie, carpenter's mate, and John George Fraser, Surgeon, were both discharged before the shipping master. (Signed by David Ewan and John D. Scott, ship's carpenter).

25th March Peterhead.
Hauled the ship out of graving dock. Stowed the ship's provisions and made all clear for sea.

The Crew:
Signed at Peterhead, 25th February, 1860
(Name; Age; Place of Birth; Previous Ship; Position)

David Ewan; 44; Peterhead; Polar Star, Peterhead; Master
Alexander Aitkin; 26; Peterhead; Agostina, Peterhead; Mate
Joseph Joss?; 27; Peterhead; Grace?, Peterhead; Harpooner
David Cardno; 31; Peterhead; Abram, Kirkaldy; Boat Steerer
William Sangster; 31; Portsoy; George 4th, Shields; Spectioneer
Peter Reid?; 27; Peterhead; Sir Colin Campbell, Peterhead; ???
John D. Scott; 36; Peterhead; Polar Star, Peterhead; Carpenter
Shand Kinloch; 21; Peterhead; ???, ???; Harpooner
John Joss; 21; Peterhead; Vivid, Peterhead; Boatsteerer
John Rennie; 23; Peterhead; Nil, Nil; Carpenter's Mate
Robert Pickard; 21; Longside; George 4th; Shields; Boatsteerer
George Watt; 36; Peterhead; Polar Star; Peterhead; Cooper
Alexander Aitkin; 38; Peterhead; Polar Star, Peterhead; Cook
John Rothnie; 18; Longside; Polar Star, Peterhead; Ordinary
George Youngson; 57; Longside; Arctic, Peterhead; Cook's Mate
Neil McKeshnie; 21; Longside; North of Scotland, Peterhead; Boatsteerer
George Davidson; 21; Longside; Arctic?; Peterhead; AB
William Cordiner; 22; Longside; ???, Aberdeen; Loose Harpooner
John McKeshnie; 57; Longside; Polar Star, Peterhead; Steward
Alexander Buchan?; 22; Aberdeen; Mary, Aberdeen; AB
David ???; ??; Aberdeen; Sophia, Aberdeen; Ordinary
James Milne; 40; Peterhead; John and Mary, Peterhead; Boatsteerer
John George Fraser; 19?; Cape of Good Hope; nil, nil; ??; Surgeon
Alexander Still; 18; Peterhead; John and Mary, Peterhead; ??
John Yeats; 22; ??; London; AB
Adam Smith; 19; Peterhead; ???, London; Sailmaker
George Falconer; 21; Aberdeen; Vulcan, Peterhead; Line Coiler

John Cardno; 19; Peterhead
John Milne; 14; Peterhead

John Masson; 24; Inveralochy (signed at Peterhead 24th March)
JAMES F. TAPLIN; 22; Honiton; First Ship; Surgeon (signed at Peterhead 26th March)

Signed at Lerwick, 29th March, 1860:

John Johnston; 28; Lunnasting; Elena, Peterhead; Boatsteerer
Robert Williamson; 30; Lunnasting; Empress of India, Peterhead; Boatsteerer
John Smith; 20; Dunrossness; Elena, Peterhead; Ordinary
Lawrance Williamson; 18; Bressa; Brilliant, Peterhead; Ordinary
Robert Henderson; 26; Nesting; Conquest, St Johns; Seaman
Jesse Gowdie; 24; Nesting; Alibi, Aberdeen; Ordinary
William Irvine; 21; Nesting; Kate, Peterhead; Seaman
Lawrance Robertson; 21; Lunnasting; Seaman
James Leask; 20 Nesting; Chase, Hull; Seaman
Arthur Black; 49; Roe; Alambra, Glasgow; Seaman
William Forman; 21; Roe; Narwhal, Dundee; Ordinary
James Robertson; 28; Roe; Narwhal, Dundee; Ordinary
Lawrance Anderson; 34; Delting; Boatsteerer
Gideon Johnson; 26; Delting; Narwhal, Dundee; Seaman
Lawrance Johnson; 18; Delting; Narwhal, Dundee; Ordinary
John Williamson; 26; Delting; Imperial, Quebec; Seaman
Oliver Johnson; 23; Sandsting; Polar Star, Peterhead; Seaman
Andrew Anderson; 40; Lerwick; Gertrude, Hull; Seaman
Colin Arthurson; 32; Gulberwick; Seaman
Robert Laing; 55; Nesting; Arctic, Peterhead; Harpooner

Captain David Ewan, 1816 - 1864, Peterhead.

From The Peterhead Sentinel, March 1864.

Death of Captain of the Windward.

On Sunday morning, about 10 a.m., a large vessel was seen apparently making for the port. It turned out to be the Windward. The cause of her return was the death of the captain, who had left us only a few days before in good health, with the hope of adding another successful voyage to the many which he had already made in the same trade.

Captain Ewan had been taken suddenly ill with a vomiting of blood on Tuesday last, the 1st inst., while at Shetland, and was taken ashore from the vessel at Lerwick, where he received the best medical attendance and the kind attention of the ship's agent; but his case grew worse on Thursday, the 3rd; symptoms of apoplexy supervened; he sank gradually, and died on the forenoon of the same day. A coffin was prepared at Lerwick, and by the advice of the agent, the Mate - Mr A Walker - returned to Peterhead in the Windward, bringing the body of the captain, which was brought ashore and carried to the residence of the deceased in North Street, followed by the owners and others in mournful procession. Mr Walker was appointed captain, and the ship soon afterwards left to proceed on her voyage.

We believe it will be acceptable to many in giving here a short sketch of some of the voyages made by Capt. Ewan. The first vessel which he received the command of was a new one - the Mary Ann Henderson - built by Messers Scott and Stephenson for the owner, Mr W Mitchell. He made many successful voyages in this vessel, especially one to Ichaboe for guano, getting a full cargo, which sold at a high figure; another to Patagonia, which did not prove so remunerative, the quality of the guano not being so good as that of the first cargo. On this voyage the crew suffered much sickness, two men having died of fever.

He made his first voyage to Greenland in the Mary Ann Henderson in the year 1852, bringing home 64 tuns of oil. The second year was a failure, having only managed to obtain 3 tons. In the year 1854 he brought home 50 tuns but the same year this vessel was lost on a voyage to the Baltic, after coming home from Greenland. Next year he got command of the Commerce, and brought home 47 tuns. The voyage divided 20 on each share - equal to two-thirds of the capitol invested. Next year he had 26 tuns. In 1857 he received command of the Polar Star, a new vessel built for him. In that year he had 52 tuns, the following year 83 tuns, and in 1859, 113 tuns. In 1860 he received command of the Windward, another new vessel built expressly for the trade, and for the same owners, Messers Mitchell and Co. With her in 1860 he had 61 tons; in 1861, 74; in 1862, 75; and in 1863, 18 tuns.

Such has been the career of one of our most successful commanders in the whaling trade. Captain Ewan was the eldest son of Mr D. Ewan, formerly Inspector of the Poor, a worthy and much respected townsman, and one of the oldest inhabitants.

The deceased was a man of sound sense and practical judgement and his death is much regretted.



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