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The Greenland Fishing: A report from the East Aberdeenshire Observer, Friday 27th July 1883

The s.s. Erik, of Peterhead (Captain Alexander Gray), arrived at Peterhead on Wednesday afternoon from the Greenland whale fishing ground, after having called at Shetland and landed a portion of her crew. She left Peterhead on the 10th March, reaching the ice on the 30th of that month, after a very stormy passage, with bulwarks carried away twice. She has been fairly successful, and brings home the produce of 92 bottlenose whales and 2100 seals. She never saw nor spoke any other vessels. The whaling barque Polar Star, of Dundee [late of Peterhead], Capt. Robertson, passing Peterhead, about three miles off, on her way from the Greenland seal and whale fishing on Tuesday, was spoken by a pilot boat belonging to Peterhead. Captain Robertson reported to the pilots that all were well onboard, that he had 70 tuns of oil, obtained from both whales and seals, and that he saw the Perseverance of Peterhead, the master of which does not intend to return till the end of September, about a fortnight since, with 23 tuns of oil, while the Active, [late of Peterhead] of Dundee, about the same time had 40 tuns of oil. Messrs W. O. Taylor & Co., Dundee, have received the following telegram from Tonsberg:- "Jan Mayen, 5th of July, 5200 sealskins, 110 tuns oil. Hope to do better." The Jan Mayen is commanded by Captain Guy, and sailed for the fishing ground on the 8th March.





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