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The John Murdoch Henderson Collection

Flowers of Scottish Melody
Published in 1935 by J. Murdoch Henderson.


From the Banffshire Journal
16th July 1935

These last few days have seen the publication of a work that will be regarded with the highest sense of interest by that large number of people who hold Scottish music in regard. It is entitled "Flowers of Scottish Melody" (Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow, 5/- and 10/-) and is described as a First Companion to the Scottish Violinist and Pianist. It contains the music of 130 "Masterpieces of the Ages" including forty original contributions, the whole comprising slow airs, pastorals, quicksteps, reels, strathspeys, hornpipes etc., expressly arranged for violin and piano with full instructions and history of origins, by Mr J. Murdoch Henderson of Aberdeen.

cover artworkThe cover contains five portraits, each of which is furnished with a descriptive phrase that distinguishes the work of the composer. In the centre appears the familiar features of James Scott Skinner, 1843-1927, "the Strathspey King"; and occupying the four corners are illustrations of Neil Gow, 1727-1807, "the Father of Strathspey and Reel Players"; Nathaniel Gow, 1763-1831, "the Greatest Preserver and Improver of the Age"; Peter Milne, 1824-1908, "the Tarland Minstrel"; and Wm. Marshall, 1748-1833, "the First Composer of Strathspeys of the Age"; five names of abiding fame in the sphere of Scottish music, and notable surely for the long ages they all reached.

Mr Henderson has provided a collection of Scottish music of the highest distinction and there are very many who will thank him heartily for what may have been a labour of love, but necessarily involved also work on a large scale, engrossing labours that entailed inevitably much time and much research ere it left his hands with the impress of knowledge and authority that it bears. Mr Henderson's work marks a distinct point in the collection, arrangement and composition of Scottish music the importance of which will be recognised by everyone who takes concern in a subject of much fascination.

Flowers of Scottish Melody
Over 130 STRATHSPEYS, Etc..
Price 5/- Notes and Biographies 1/-
To be had from the AUTHOR
37, Westburn Road. Aberdeen and from
also from the SECRETARY, Highland Strathspey and Reel Society, Inverness

Advertisement from The Inverness Courier
29th October 1935

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Tunes from "Flowers of Scottish Melody"
A personal selection of favourite tunes, arranged and published by Henderson in 1935 under the title Flowers of Scottish Melody.

Henderson's own compositions are initialled and dated in bold type.


listen hereAlexander R Findlay (Hornpipe) To A. R. Findlay, Aberdeen. JMH 1928.

Annie is My Darling (Reel) Capt. Simon Fraser's 1815 Collection.
Auld Brig o' Don, The (Pastoral) James Henry, Aberdeen, 1860-1914 arr JMH.
Aul'er Style, The (Reel) To Thomas Sinclair Rae, Craighead, Barrhead. JMH 1931.


Beauty of the North, The (Strathspey) Capt. Simon Fraser 1815 Collection, arr JMH.
Braes o' Bushbie (Busby), The (Slow March) McFadyen's Repository c1795, arr JMH.
Braes o' Mar, The (Strathspey) Bremner Collection 1757, arr JMH
Braes o' Tullymet, The (Strathspey) Neil Stewart Collection 1761-1770, arr JMH.
Brechin Castle (Strathspey) M Macdonald's 3rd Collection 1792, arr JMH.
Bridge of Dee, The (Strathspey) James Young 1815-1851, arr JMH.
Bridge of Dee, The (Reel) James Young. Lowe's Collection Book 4, arr JMH.


Cailleach na Beinne Brice (Slow Air) The Old Witch of the Varicoloured Hill. D Campbell's Collection 1862.

listen hereCairdin' o't, The (2/4 country dance) aka Salt Fish and Dumplings, Aird's Selection 1788.

Captain Gillan's Strathspey
(Strathspey) William Christie c1778-1849, arr JMH.

listen hereC D Strathspey, The (Strathspey) To Charles Davidson, Lecturer Uni. Aberdeen. JMH 1931.
Charles Hardie
(Strathspey) CH 1849-1893 "The Methlick Wonder" violinist. JMH 1933.

listen hereCharles Sutherland (Reel) Violinist, Fraserburgh. JMH 1933.

Clydeside Lasses, The ((Reel) Nathaniel Gow, 6th Collection 1822.

listen hereCoilsfield House (Slow Air) Nath. Gow, 5th Collection, 1809, arr JMH.

Crichtons' Gowanlea, New Deer (Jig). JMH 1929.
Cross of Inverness, The (Reel) Anon. Capt. Simon Fraser's Collection 1815, arr JMH.


Departed Worth (Lament) In memory of his father, Charles Henderson 1867-1917. JMH 1928.

listen hereDonald Morison, Beauly (Reel) Alexander Grant, "The Wonderful Genius of Tomnahurich" arr. JMH.

listen hereDuchess of Bedford, The (Slow Strathspey) William Marshall, 1822 Collection, arr JMH.

listen hereDuke of Atholl, The (Strathspey) Alexander Walker, 1866 Collection, arr JMH.


listen hereEast Neuk o' Fife, The (2/4 country dance) Nath. Gow's Ancient Curious Collection c1833.
Eugene Stratton
(Hornpipe) J. Scott Skinner - Regal Gramophone Record G.6616.

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F D Mainland, M.A. Aberdeen (Quickstep) Shetland musician. JMH 1934.
Fire and Fervour (Reel) To John Dickie, Penny Whistle Wizard, Turriff. JMH 1929.
Firth House, The (Hornpipe) Anon. Kohler's Violin Repository, arr JMH.

listen hereFlowers of Edinburgh, The (2/4 country dance) aka Earl of Hopetown's Reel, arr JMH.
Forth Bridge
, The (Strathspey) James Young 1815-1851, Low's Collection 1844-5, arr JMH.
Forth Bridge, The (Reel) William Blyth, arr JMH.
Frank Gilruth (1853-1915) (Strathspey) Peter Milne, arr JMH.
Frank Gilruth (Reel) Peter Milne, arr JMH.


listen hereGavin Greig (Strathspey) Dedicated to musician and collector, Gavin Greig. JMH 1934.
George Riddel
(Reel) To G.R., musician of repute, Rosehearty. JMH 1934.
George's Delight (Reel) To George Wright, violinist, Turriff. JMH 1933.

listen hereGeorge I. Taylor (Strathspey) Celebrated left handed fiddler, Aberdeen. JMH 1931.

listen hereGillan's Reel (Reel) Attributed to Peter Milne, arr JMH.

Good Old John (Reel) To John Webster, violinist of Strichen. JMH 1931.

listen hereGreig's Strathspey (Pastoral) Nath. Gow's favourite ancient melody.


Haslam's Hornpipe (Hornpipe) Anon. Kohler's Violin Repository, arr JMH.
Heiress, The (Reel) Capt. Simon Fraser, Lowe's Collection Book 6.
Hey The Cupar (Pastoral) Anon. R. Bremner Collection 1761.
Highlands of Banffshire, The (Strathspey) Anon. Capt. Simon Fraser Collection 1822.
Highland Troop, The (Pastoral) Capt. Simon Fraser (1773-1852), arr JMH.

listen hereHouse of Skene, The (Slow Air) James Davie, Cal. Rep. 2nd series 1850-1855.


Inverary Castle (Strathspey) Anon. Capt. Simon Fraser Collection 1815, arr JMH.

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J B Reel, The (Reel) To James B. Paterson, Headmaster Bracoden later Cullen. JMH 1932.

listen hereJ F Dickie's Delight (Slow Strathspey) To James F. Dickie, violinist, New Deer. JMH 1932.
J F Dickie's Reel
(Reel) To James F. Dickie, violinist, New Deer. JMH 1932.
J Scott Skinner 1843-1927 (Strathspey) To J.S.S. JMH 1934.

listen hereJ Scott Skinner, The Strathspey King (Reel) To J.S.S. JMH 1933.

listen hereJenny Dang The Weaver (Reel) Orpheus Caledonius, 1733, arr JMH.

John Cheap The Chapman (Reel) Nath. Gow, 2nd Repository 1802, arr JMH.
Johnnie's Made a Wadding o't (Reel) Neil Stewart Collection 1762, arr JMH.


Keep It Up (Reel) sub titled Be Off, Mackintosh! Anon. Capt. Simon Fraser Collection 1815.
Keithmore (Pastoral) William Marshall, 1822 Collection.


Lady Ann Hope (Strathspey) John Pringle, 1st Collection 1800-01, arr JMH.
Lady Caroline Montague (March) Nath. Gow's 4th Collection, 1800.

listen hereLady Charlotte Campbell (Strathspey) Nath. Gow, 3rd Collection 1792, arr JMH

Lady Doll Sinclair (Reel) Robert Bremner Collection 1757, arr JMH.
Lady Margaret Stewart (Reel) Anon. Gow's 2nd Collection 1788.
Lady Mary Primrose's Favourite (Pastoral) Clarkson's Musical Entertainment c1796.
Lady Mary Ramsay (Strathspey) Niel Gow's 4th Collection, 1800, arr JMH.
Lady Montgomery (Reel) Col. Hugh Montgomery 1739 - 1819, arr JMH.
Let Not Scotland Lose Her Fame (Heroic) To James Scott Skinner. JMH 1933.

listen hereLoch Earn (Reel) Nath. Gow, 2nd Collection 1788.

listen hereLoch Ericht Side (Pastoral) aka The Lass o' Gowrie. Alex McGlashan's 3rd Collection 1788.

listen hereLoch Riach (March) "The Broch Dam" To Alexander Grant, Inverness. JMH 1926.
Lodge of Glentana
, The (Strathspey) J. Scott Skinner, Elgin Collection 1884, arr JMH.
Lone Highland Glen, The (Slow Air) To The Highland Strathspey and Reel Soc., Inverness. JMH 1928.

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Madam Frederick (Slow Strathspey) Contemporary Dancer. William Marshall, 1822 Collection, arr JMH.
Major and Minor (Reel) To H. P. Halstead, Director of Music, Tivoli, Aberdeen. JMH 1932.

listen hereMallard, The (Hornpipe) To E. Calder, Aberdeen. JMH 1926.

Marchioness of Huntly, The (Strathspey) William Marshall, 1822 Collection, arr JMH.

listen hereMarquis of Huntly, The (Strathspey) William Marshall, 1781 Collection.

listen hereMarquis of Huntly's Snuff Mull, The (Pastoral) Niel Gow's 4th Collection, arr JMH.
Minstrel's Home
, The (Slow Air) To H. W. Coombs, organist Capitol Cinema, Aberdeen. JMH 1926.
Mirth and Melody (Strathspey) To Miss Francis Dickie, pianist, Turriff. JMH 1933.

listen hereMiss Campbell of Saddell (Pastoral) Robert Mackintosh (c1745-1807) 3rd Collection, 1796.

listen hereMiss Graham of Inchbrakie (Slow Air) Nath. Gow's 2nd Collection, 1788, arr JMH.
Miss Herries Forbes' Farewell to Banff
(Slow Air) Isaac Cooper 1794, arr JMH.
Miss Innes of Meldrum (Strathspey) Isaac Cooper c1755-c1820, arr JMH.
Miss Laura Andrew (March) J. Scott Skinner, Harp and Claymore Collection 1904, arr JMH.
Miss Maria Carr (Slow Air) Celebrated blind pianist, Aberdeen. JMH 1927.
Miss Rose of Tarlogie (Slow Strathspey) Campbell's 2nd Collection 1786-88, arr JMH.
Mr Alexander Laing, Leuchold (Hornpipe) William Marshall, 1822 Collection.

listen hereMr Gordon of Hallhead (Strathspey) William Marshall, 1822 Collection, arr JMH

Mrs A R Findlay (Reel) Conductor of Aberdeen High School Orchestra. JMH 1931.
Mrs B Catto, Aberdeen (Slow Strathspey) Reciter of Scots Poetry, JMH 1927.
Mrs C Sutherland (Strathspey) To C.S., pianist, Fraserburgh. JMH 1933.

listen hereMrs Forbes Leith (Reel) J. Scott Skinner, 1868. Later Miller o' Herne Collection 1st Ed. 1881.

Mrs Garden of Troup (Strathspey) Robert Petrie 1767-1830, gardener at Troup House.

listen hereMrs Gordon of Park (Slow Strathspey) William Marshall, arr JMH.

Mrs G Sinclair (Pipe March) To G.S., pianist in Aberdeen. JMH 1928.

listen hereMrs Johnston (later called Glen Ogle) (Reel) Donald Grant c1760-c1839, arr JMH.

listen hereMrs Shand, Aberdeen (Strathspey) Aberdonian country dance pianist. JMH 1932.

listen hereMuir o' Gellan, The (Strathspey) Peter Milne after J. F. Dickie's Set, arr JMH.


listen hereNew Brig o' Dee, The (Strathspey) Evolved from James Barnett's Johnnie Steel, arr JMH.
New Brig o' Dee
, The (Reel) John Nivan, Aberdeen 1761, arr JMH.
New Brig o' Methlick, The (Strathspey) William Hardie 1787-1884, arr JMH.
New Brig o' Methlick (Reel) William Hardie, arr JMH.
New Kelvin Bridge (1891), The (Reel) Archibald Morrison 1820-1895, arr JMH.
Niel Gow's Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Lament) Gow's Collection 1784, arr JMH.
Nimble Fingers (Quickstep) To Miss Carr, blind pianist, Aberdeen. JMH 1926.

listen hereNorth Country Style, The (Reel) To John Pirie, violinist Fraserburgh. JMH 1934.
North Shore
, The (Hornpipe) Anon, arr JMH.

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Old Reel, The (Reel) Anon. J. Davie's Caledonian Repository, 2nd series, arr JMH.


listen herePennan Den (Slow Air) James Watt of Pennan, 1832-1909, sailor, fiddle maker and teacher, arr JMH.

listen herePerth Assembly, The (Reel) Samson Duncan 1767-1837, Lowe's Set Book 1, arr JMH.

Princess Beatrice (Hornpipe) W. B. Laybourn 1835-1866, arr JMH.


listen hereRiches Denied (Pastoral) To Peter Milne 1824-1908. JMH 1927.

Robert Cormack, Aberdeen (Pastoral) James Henry 1860-1914, arr JMH.

listen hereRoslin Castle (Slow Air) aka House of Glams, William McGibbon's 2nd Collection 1746.


Sandy F Skinner 1833-1883 (Reel) (J.S.S. elder brother) Violinist, dancer, Banchory. JMH 1934.

listen hereScottish Snap, The (Strathspey) To R. E. Cahill, Manager The Playhouse, Aberdeen. JMH 1933.

listen hereSir D. Davidson of Cantray (Reel) John (father of Joseph) Lowe c1797-1866, arr JMH.

Strachen's (Strathspey) To Strachen's Music Shop, Aberdeen. George Wright, arr JMH.

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Tarland Memories (Pastoral) aka George Ross Wood, Peter Milne, arr JMH.
Tarves Trippers, The (Schottische) To Jamie Morrison, violinist, dancing master, Aberdeen. JMH 1933.

listen hereThere Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle ( 2/4 country dance) aka The Fiddlers' Morris.

listen hereTullochgorum (Strathspey) The Blue Green Hill, trad, arr JMH.

Tweedside Lasses, The (Slow Air) Alexander Walker 1819-1905. Castle Newe Collection 1866, arr JMH.


listen hereUrquhart Castle (Slow Strathspey) Anon. Capt. Simon Fraser Collection 1815, arr JMH.


Whistle o'er the Lave o't (Sword Dance) Attributed to John Bruce c1720-1785, arr JMH.

listen hereWhite Cockade, The (2/4 country dance) aka The Ranting Highlandman, Aird's Collection 1782.

William Duguid (Strathspey) Violinist, Fyvie, 1866-1905. William Martin 1836-1908.
William J Hardie (Reel) To W.J.H., violinist, Aberdeen. JMH 1930.


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