The Banff and Buchan Collection

Allan's Hill Age Concern Burns Night: Charles Birnie, The Belly Band (Ken Ramsay, Iain Sutherland, Kenny Sim, Bob Watson; accordion, mandolin, guitar), Allan Sellar, Gordon Easton, Tom McKean, Charlie Thompson, Allan's Hill, 20/01/1994

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NEFA 1994.004.02   Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Welcome
S: Welcome and stories about real belly bands.

NEFA 1994.004.03   Transcription
P: The Belly Band
T: Bonnie Charlie's Noo Awa
FL: Will ye no come back again
 Some tuning at start. Level adjustment.

NEFA 1994.004.04    Transcription
P: The Belly Band
T: Twa Recruitin Sergeants
FL: Twa recruitin sergeants cam fae the Black Watch
S: Some chat at the start.

NEFA 1994.004.05    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: The Conversazione
FL: ????
 Also thanks to the Belly Band and introducing Allan Sellar.

NEFA 1994.004.06    Transcription
P: Allan Sellar
T: The Moose's Reply
FL: Ye muckle thochtless, hammerin brute
 Poem by May Harper

NEFA 1994.004.07    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Buchan's Reply to Burns
FL: Love's like a jub-jub, sprinkled ower wi sugar

NEFA 1994.004.08    
P: Charles Birnie
T: Introduction of
Gordon Easton

NEFA 1994.004.09-10    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Diddling with descriptions of dances
[Re-started, tr. 9 overmodulated. Original varies some.]

NEFA 1994.004.11    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Diddling

S: Diddling is an art form. It looks easy, but there are rules. Gordon is a champion diddler. Introduces Tom McKean.

NEFA 1994.004.12    Transcription
Tom McKean
T: Puirt-a-Beul: Bidh 'n Dròbhair, Bidh 'n Dròbhair/ Gaol air a' Ghille Bhuidhe
FL: Bidh 'n dr
òbhair, bidh 'n dròbhair, bidh 'n dròbhair aig nighean Chaluim

NEFA 1994.004.13    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
Thanks and introducing Charlie Thompson
S: [End of Side A.]

NEFA 1994.004.14    Transcription
P: Charlie Thomson
T: A Wife Saves Money on Obituary

S: Joke.

NEFA 1994.004.15    Transcription
P: Charlie Thomson
T: A Haircut for Rome
S: Joke.

NEFA 1994.004.16    Transcription
P: Charlie Thomson
T: Story about ????
S: Joke.

NEFA 1994.004.17    Transcription
P: Charlie Thomson
T: My Old Lavender Trousers
FL: I know what the people are looking at
S: Poem.

NEFA 1994.004.18    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Thanks
S: Recites lines of Tullochgorm. [Background chat.]

NEFA 1994.004.19    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Anecdote about Betty Boothroyd

NEFA 1994.004.20    Transcription
P: The Belly Band
T: Bonnie Bessie Logan
FL: Bonnie Bessie Logan, she's handsome young and fair

NEFA 1994.004.21    Transcription
P: The Belly Band
T: The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
FL: The Diamond is a ship me lads, for the Davis Strait she's bound
S: [Starts with story:] The sailors would head North, having bought all their gear. Sometimes they would not catch anything, and so had to go back the next year just to pay for the gear.

NEFA 1994.004.22    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: ?????
FL: We'll drink strong ale and porter
S: From a shanty.

NEFA 1994.004.23    Transcription
P: The Belly Band
T: She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes
FL: She'll be comin round the mountain when she comes
All sing, then women vs. men on chorus.

NEFA 1994.004.24    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: MC comments
S: The women won; discretion is the better part of valour.

NEFA 1994.004.25    Transcription
P: Charles Birnie
T: Doric valentines

A lady phoned him for advice on writing a valentine in the Doric. Recites several humorous examples.

NEFA 1994.004.26   
P: The Belly Band
????/ The Shearin's No for You
S: Waltzes. [Original cuts off. End of Side B.]


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