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MS transcription w1994.002

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The Craftie

Faar's Baabie Jeannie's hoosie
Fae Bowskeenie's sma bit knowe
Faar's yon bonnie thackit biggin
Rivven oot o' Bedlam howe.

Vrocht an' chauved tae mak the craftie
Fae the hedder, fun an' breem,
Biggit a snod bit hoose an' steadin
Keekin ower tae Bennachie.

The crap wis cut bi sickle
An the neeps wir barraed hame
Hens an' dyeuks plyterin roon I door
NA, nae naithing bides I same.

Floo'ers grew bonnie bye the timer porch
Faar the fish hake hung foo I the waa,
Watter wis cairrit fae ower the Wast park
Wi twa pails an a yoke fae the waal.

Mony ooers wir spint on learnin
Bye the ingles flecherin licht.
God's time wis nivver wasted
Degrees wi swyte an tears, hard vrocht.

On I crook the kettle splutterin
Fae aneth yon hingin lum.
Nae raftered reef nor flaggit fleer
E'en the auld box bed, aa gone.

Nae mair the waft o the hennies pot,
Nor the rattle o the calfies pail,
Or I cleck, cleck o the clocken hen
Comin merchin roon I gail.

Bye the aul sod dyke a bourich o trees
A muckle bing o earth an a rickle o steens
Robert's cairrage noo a bare beened frame
At's aa ats left o Bedlams aul hame.

Lang mine on Baabie an aa her kin
Jhonnie, Chrisie, Willie, an Roberty John
Mary, Nellie an Maggie Lamont
Eden-vrocht fae a roch bit o grun.

Fit will New Deer exiles think
Fin thochts turn tae hame,
Aye the Auld Kirck it's aye stanin
Bit Baabie Jeannie's, it's doon an gane..

Sandy Ritchie, 1991


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