The Banff and Buchan Collection

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Tape 1995.010 transcription

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[Laura Simpson] 'E Hieland Laddie,' 'Brochan Lom' and 'E Fairy Dance.' [Plays on whistle; applause]

[Laura Simpson] 'The Thistle o Scotland,' 'The Wild Rose of the Mountain,' and 'Spootaskerry.' [Plays on whistle; applause.]

[Alec Green] Well, it's a pity that we didn't eh, have, more contestants. That's the way of it. Eh, ??? [faint] it's not only the ?? that the competition entries are down sad to say. I don't know what we're going to do about it. But at least there's an ongoing interest in it. Now unfortunately we don't have the cup! I don't think, unless it's been handed in since the… last year's winner phoned me up and said he was going to give me the cup to take it up to Keith but then he didn't turn up. We are cupless! However back to the competition. Now, we've Laura and she's awa somewey else so she winna hear my comments. It's always difficult you know, it's always difficult to go on to start. A wee bit of nervous start didn't she, she come on to a wee bit of over ??, ye hiv tae watch with these whistles especially you know, they are overblowing of the notes. Better to play something simple, a but I'll know you'll play something as well as you liked the night before. Come the competition the next day when you're nervous as hell, and you ??? [faint]. At's what a ??? [laughs]. So anyway, that was Laura. Just, as I said a little shaky to start with, some ?? a few nervous mistakes nevertheless. Now we move on to Sarah, her twin sister, and she'd a good confident start, and I said I'd still like to see 'The Thistle of Scotland' ??? [faint], but I tellt her at ??? because I didn't find the placing and the rhythm at all, I didn't fault her rhythm I just made a comment. However I gave Laura 80 marks out of 100 and I gave her sister 82. So Sarah…. [Applause.]

[?] [Accordion; applause.]

[Bill Stewart] [Accordion plays; applause.]

[?] And em, I'm pleased to hear such eh, lovely music out of a simple instrument like a melodeon. I'll start with ?? started us off with a slow air, and I thought it was, that was very nice, and nice controlled slow air. Then the ??? nice and competent and eh, finally the jig, again a nice steady rhythm. I gave you 265 marks. [Applause.] Then we had Bill Stewart. And Bill played the standard competition set of ??? reel. And got a lovely nice steady march, and em, I really enjoyed it. Particularly enjoyed some of the pace work, that was well done, and the same about the reel, it was really nice and tidy. So I've given Bill 278. [Applause.]

[?] [Trump plays; applause.]

[George Murray] [Trump plays; applause.]

[?] [Moothie; applause.]

[?] [Moothie; applause.]

[?] [Moothie; applause.]

[?] …Play a slow air, 'Mrs Helen J Robertson' and the reel, 'Miss Jean Milligan.' [Moothie; applause.]

[?] [Moothie; applause.]

[?] [Moothie; applause.]

[Gordon Easton] Ian Powrie[?], for eh, he made a good job, but I thocht nae sae good as he sometimes dis! It's affa easy criticising! It's a gey touch competition. So 180 for Ian, 181 for George Murray. Eh, affa weel played, it's a gey difficult job, but well ye see ???. Well I hiv the choice theday. So that's jist the wey that it goes. Ye played affa weel [faint on tape] the hale lot o ye. And ?? I thocht it wis, well in my estimation, but that's jist the way that it goes. George Taylor his 169 and George Barclay his 169. So, the mark goes, I'm sorry [laughs]. At's the position. [Applause.]


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