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Tape 1994.071 transcription

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[GS] an Gordon Easton come in [laughter], an Gordon says, whit is't ye're trying tae dee? Oh aye, he says, so he explained a' whit hid happened, an he says, would you like tae blaw it cause I'm makkin naething o it. Aye, Gordon says, I'll have a go and he pulled oot the pipe, turnt it roon an stickan it in o his mou [laughter] an he started tae blaw and the boy says, whit wey did ye turn the pipe, the boy says. I'm blawin it efter its been in your mou [laughter].


[fiddle music with audience singing]


[GS] John, I thocht ee'd gotten the cauld. Well I've seen, he come wi the Bible in han [laughter]…. John likes tae get the last word, so I'm getting in mine first…. I would like on behalf o the entertainers here tae thank you for being one o the best audiences that ony o the entertainers could ask for. Ye've been special, ye've jine't in the singing. I'm sure ye've enjoyed it and I hope ye've enjoyed it. It's been great performing in front o ye and a' that I can say is thank you and a safe journey home. John'll be daein't himsel jist noo, but…I would like to personally thank the entertainers that come up help me. A' that I've tae dee is get on tae the phone, oh I if we're free, we'll help ye and its great tae hae a' company like is as well, thank you.


[JS] I might as well ging hame he said athing that I wis going tae say, noo jist on behalf o the society I would like ye tae pit yer hands thegither and thank Geordie and party it really his been a super evening [applause].
Jist tae remind ye that wir September meeting is will be wir kirk church service at Longside at's on the 18th September an the Peter Buchan memorial concert is on the 19th of October and there's tickets on sale for it on sale richt here tonight if ye see Marlene as ye go oot. Once again thank you for coming at's pit us back on tae our meetings again and I would jist like tae say we did get hame fae the festival and I winna tell ye whit happened tae Geordie [laughter]. Thank you all very much ??? a tune tae finish up wi

[chatter; fiddle; applause]




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