The Banff and Buchan Collection

Keith Festival Singing Competitions, Keith, 10/06/95.

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NEFA 1995.014.01-02   Transcription
P: Richard Macdonald
T: The Jolly Miller (I am a Miller tae ma Trade)
FL: I am a miller tae ma trade
S: With sound effects of mill.

NEFA 1995.014.03-04   Transcription
P: Richard Macdonald
T: Donnie McPhail
FL: Belle, ma dear, will ye be of good cheer

NEFA 1995.014.05    Transcription
P: Joe Aitken
T: The Twa Gadgies
FL: Well I met twa gadgies doon the road

NEFA 1995.014.06-07    Transcription
P: Joe Aitken
T: Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Ae Whitsuntide at Huntly toon twis there I did agree
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.014.08    Transcription
P: Elizabeth Stewart
T: The Plooman Laddies
FL: Doon yonder den there's a plooman lad

NEFA 1995.014.09   Transcription
Les Wheeler
T: Nae Winner the Times
FL: Nae winner the times mak us a' discontented
 125 year-old song.

NEFA 1995.014.10   Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: The Muckin o Geordie's Byre
FL: At a lyrical craft upon the hill
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.014.11   Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Bonnie Bessie Logan
FL: Noo bonnie Bessie Logan she's handsome young and fair

NEFA 1995.014.12   Transcription
P: Morven Jessiman
T: Neeps tae Pluck
FL: Twis on a Martinmas market day
 Music hall bothy song.

NEFA 1995.014.13   Transcription
P: Jim Duke
T: The Dundee Weaver
FL: Well I am a Dundee weaver an I come fae bonnie Dundee

NEFA 1995.014.14   Transcription
P: Jim Duke
T: The Road an the Miles tae Dundee
FL: Cauld winter wis howlin ower moor an ower mountain

NEFA 1995.014.15   Transcription
P: Brian Miller
T: The Star o the Bar
FL: I'll sing ye a stave if ye'll gie's your attention

NEFA 1995.014.16   Transcription
P: Fiona Vass
T: Coulter's Candy
FL: Ally bally ally bally bee
 Age six.

NEFA 1995.014.17   Transcription
P: The Vass Family
T: The Blackthorn Stick/ The Rakes of Kildare/ The Floo'ers o Edinburgh
 Tunes on fiddle, tambourine, keyboard.

NEFA 1995.014.18   Transcription
P: Michael Vass
T: Fareweel tae Tarwathie
FL: Fareweel tae Tarwathie adieu Mormond hill
With family.


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