The Banff and Buchan Collection

Keith Festival Singing Competitions, Keith, 10/06/95.

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NEFA 1995.013.01   Transcription
P: Sarah Simpson
T: The Buchan Plooman
FL: [Come a' ye] jolly plooman lads that work amon the grun
 Music hall bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.02   Transcription
P: Tom McKean
T: The Dowie Dens o Yarrow
FL: He's gan tae his lady gaen
 Child ballad.

NEFA 1995.013.03   Transcription
P: Tom McKean
T: Coortin in the Stable
FL: The nicht wis fine twis aifter nine
 Bothy song learned from Andrew Robbie.

NEFA 1995.013.04    Transcription
P: Scott Gardiner
T: Twa Recruitin Sergeants
FL: There were twa recruitin sergeants cam fae the Black Watch

NEFA 1995.013.05    Transcription
P: Scott Gardiner
T: The Traivellin Mull
FL: A week afore the mull wis due
S: Bothy song by Ian Middleton. 

NEFA 1995.013.06    Transcription
P: Barbara-Ann Burnett
T: Drumdelgie
There's a fermtoon up in Cairnie
S: Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.07    Transcription
P: Pete Shepheard
T: The Plooman's Life (Haud awa tae the Ploo)
FL: It's up in the mornin afore it is day
 Bothy song from Fife.

NEFA 1995.013.08    Transcription
P: Pete Shepheard
T: Johnny o Breidislea
FL: Johnny arose on a May, May morn
 Child ballad. [Starts over.]

NEFA 1995.013.09   Transcription
Frank McNally
T: The Tinker's Weddin
FL: In June when broom in bloom wis seen

NEFA 1995.013.10   Transcription
P: Frank McNally
T: The Dying Ploughboy
FL: The gloamin winds are sighin saft
 Bothy song, of sorts.

NEFA 1995.013.11   Transcription
P: Eric Simpson
T: Brose
FL: I wis only a laddie whin I left ma hame
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.12   Transcription
P: Charles Christie
T: The Aul Meal Mill
FL: Oh the horse are in the stable

NEFA 1995.013.13   Transcription
P: Charles Christie
T: Lonely in the Bothy
FL: Oh as I gaed hame tae Airdae
 Charlie Allan bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.14   Transcription
P: ????
T: The Banks o the Roses (The Banks o Reid Roses)
FL: On the banks o the roses

NEFA 1995.013.15-16   Transcription
George Barclay
T: The Buchan Vet
FL: Noo it's doon in a wee toon in Buchan
 Music hall bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.17   Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: The Trampin Lass
FL: As I gaed oot a simmer's nicht

NEFA 1995.013.18   Transcription
P: Hamish Lipp
T: The Hash o Benagoak
FL: It's sax months come Martinmas I fee'd intil a toon
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.19   Transcription
P: Hamish Lipp
T: Airlin's Fine Braes
FL: I've traivelled this country baith early and late
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1995.013.20   Transcription
P: Andy Russell
T: The Soor Milk Cairt
FL: Well I am a country chappie 

NEFA 1995.013.21   Transcription
P: Andy Russell
T: The Bonnie Border Burn
FL: When I wis jist a laddie
 Dick Black song.

NEFA 1995.013.22-23   Transcription
P: Lorna Alexander
T: The Dying Ploughboy
FL: The gloamin winds are blawin saft
 Bothy song.


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