The Banff and Buchan Collection

Gordon Easton, Tyrie, 24/09/1994

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NEFA 1994.057.01   Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: About The Dyin Ploughboy
S: Further discussion about the Dyin Ploughboy (see end of 1994.056).

NEFA 1994.057.02   Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: The Dying Ploughboy
FL: The gloamin winds were sighin saft
 Sings alternate tune for the song.

NEFA 1994.057.03  
P: Gordon Easton
The Rowan Tree/ The Auld Hoose/ The Road and the Miles tae Dundee
 Moothie tunes.

NEFA 1994.057.04   
P: Gordon Easton
T: ????/ The Laird o Drumblair
 Moothie tunes. Stops the second tune as the moothie does not have the range.

NEFA 1994.057.05    
P: Gordon Easton
T: The Laird o Drumblair
/ The Deil Amon the Tailors
 Moothie tunes. Hard tunes to play.

NEFA 1994.057.06   
P: Gordon Easton
T: Waltz/
The Road and the Miles tae Dundee/ The Rowan Tree/ The Aul Hoose
 Moothie tunes, starting with waltz. Names tunes.

NEFA 1994.057.07-08  
P: Gordon Easton
T: Waltz/ The Cock o the North

S: Tunes on the trump (Jew's harp).

NEFA 1994.057.09-12    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Jimmie Raeburn
FL: My name is Jimmie Raeburn, fae Glesgae toon I came
S: First two tracks are false starts. Forgets on last verse (track 11), restarts entire song (track 12).

NEFA 1994.057.13-15    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Drumdelgie
FL: There's a fairmtoon up in Cairnie, that's kent baith far an wide
 Bothy song. Goes wrong and starts again (track 14).

NEFA 1994.057.16    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Intermarrying
S: Intermarrying within the locality was common.

NEFA 1994.057.17    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Bogie's Bonnie Belle
FL: Ae market day in Huntly toon
 Two false starts. Song begins properly at :24.

NEFA 1994.057.18    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: The Muckin o Geordie's Byre
FL: At a lyrical craft upon the hill
 Bothy song.

NEFA 1994.057.19    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Awa wi the Rovin Plooboy
FL: Come saddle ti me ma aul grey mare
 Song with a fine lift, if not the best of a song.

NEFA 1994.057.20    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Sources for songs
S: GE was pleased to have met ???. Did not get The Rovin Ploughboy from John Macdonald. Got many songs from gramophone records, and the man who brought them around.

NEFA 1994.057.22    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Age
S: GE falling to pieces.

NEFA 1994.057.23-25    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Coortin in the Stable
FL: The nicht wis fine, twis aifter nine
 Bothy song. Sings under his breath to find key, then starts. Forgets last verse, re-sings. If you forget a verse in a competition, you are finished. (Ignore 26.)

NEFA 1994.057.27    Transcription
P: Gordon Easton
T: Bothy songs on cylinder
S: There were cylinders of bothy songs, including the previous item. GE has a cylinder player, but no cylinders left. Describes other old things they used to have in the old house, before the fire. Grandfather used to use Navy sword to top neeps. Suicide. They got a loan of cylinders sometimes. Wilie Baxter used to bring around a gramophone on his motrobike. Andy Robbie sang Coortin in the Stable. Neepering = community cooperation.


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