The Banff and Buchan Collection

Robert Lovie, New Aberdour, 13/09/1994

Audrey and Gordon Steele, Turriff, 22/09/1994

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NEFA 1994.054.01   Transcription
P: Robert Lovie
T: The Dying Ploughboy
FL: Fareweel ma horse, ma bonnie pair
 Last few verses of song and discussion of Bonnyton Hill farm, where it is said to have happened.

NEFA 1994.054.02-03   Transcription
P: Robert Lovie
T: Drumdelgie
FL: There's a fairmtoon up in Cairnie, that's kent baith far an wide
 Bothy song. Got the song from Frank McNally. Frank used to perform a lot with Myra Thow. She would be into her eighties now. She is a total character and used to go around with a concert party.

NEFA 1994.054.04    Transcription
P: Audrey Steele
T: Musical background

S: Audrey was born in Turriff, 1976. Going to university this year. Began music six years ago, piano and accordion later. They play out at concerts, fetes, old folks homes, etc.

NEFA 1994.054.05-6    Transcription
P: Gordon and Audrey Steele
T: Musical background
S: Started on piano, classical, 1988 and accordion a year later. Prefers Scottish music; there are more opportunities locally to play out and about. Scottish music seems to be coming back, more dances. They occasionally play for dances. They compete on accordion, all over, beginning only a year after starting to play. Competitions give you confidence to play in front of people. The Scottish Championship in Perth is the big one. They have both done very well. They compete as individuals, usually. AS does Highland dancing as well (14 years). Dancing competitions help with accordion competitions. They have travelled to play as well (Denmark, Sweden, Norway), through scouts and guides.

NEFA 1994.054.07    Transcription
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Playing abroad
S: They have learned some European music too. The scouts have allowed them to go abroad on several occasions. GS started learning drums. Peter Farnan is their teacher, very good. He teaches piano too. They both teach music as well. The theory courses help with teaching and playing.

NEFA 1994.054.08    Transcription
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Playing at university

S: Will continue playing keyboard, accordion and piano at university. Hopefully they'll continue playing. Gordon born in Banff, 1977. Good to get education, before pursuing music as a career. [End of side A.]

NEFA 1994.054.09    
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder
 Accordion duet.

NEFA 1994.054.10    Transcription (intro.)
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: The Jacqueline Waltz

S: Accordion duet. Usually play in unison, both playing the chord pattern. Neither one likes to play second. The faster tunes are harder to play in sync.

NEFA 1994.054.11    Transcription (intro.)
Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Patrice Norrie/ View from Brimond/ Nessie Gowan's
S: Accordion duet of competition tunes, march, strathspey and reel by Peter Farnan. You put together sets of competition tunes for yourself.

NEFA 1994.054.12   
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Cameron's Gold/ Wee Brian's Jig
S: Accordion duet of jigs by Peter Farnan.

NEFA 1994.054.13    
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Austrian tune
S: Accordion duet of Austrian tunes.

NEFA 1994.054.14    
P: Gordon Steele
T: Rhapsody in music

S: Accordion waltz. There is a lot of accidentals in this tune, so it is very hard to play in unison with someone else.

NEFA 1994.054.15   
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: Here's to the Gordon's/ The Lights of Lochindall/ The Uist Tramping Song/ Bonnie Kirkwall Bay/ Jist a Wee Deoch an Doras

S: Accordion duet, singalong selection of North East music. Popular songs.

NEFA 1994.054.16    
P: Audrey and Gordon Steele
T: The Bluebell Polka
S: Accordion (GS) and piano (AS).


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