The Banff and Buchan Collection

George Barclay, Millbrex 

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P: Tom McKean
T: Announcement
S: 15/03/1994.

NEFA1994.027.02    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: Beginnings of interest
S: 29 November 1979. Interested in traditional poetry first, at Strichen festival. Parents not musical, but enjoy it. Great uncle Gordon Watt got him going on singing. Sings at fundraisers, concerts, Burns Nights, etc. Has sung at some of the competitions for the last seven years. Goes to Keith as well. Tries to have new things now and again. Learns four or five new things a year from tapes or books. Uses Ten North East Poets anthology and Kerr's Bothy Ballads too.

NEFA1994.027.03    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: Competitions
S: Friends are not particularly interested in this material and there is no chance in school to sing or recite it. One of his teachers, Mrs Shirreffs, used to have recitations. He was seven or eight when he first won a prize. Has not been to any of the further away festivals yet. The competitions and concerts keep you going and focused, especially if people come to all the concerts. He was not too nervous when he started.

NEFA1994.027.04    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: How many songs do you sing
S: Ten poems and ten songs.

NEFA1994.027.05    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: Oor Fairm Toon
FL: The wife's awa fae hame the nicht
S: John Mearns song.
Heard from Tom Reid. [Levels lowered partway in.]

NEFA1994.027.06    Transcription
P: George Barclay
FL:  Ae day ma neighbour, Geordie Broun, says
Recitation about a disastrous tractor purchase.

NEFA1994.027.07    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: The Buchan Plooman
FL: Come a' ye jolly plooman lads that work amon the grun
Music hall bothy song.

NEFA1994.027.08    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: The Flech
FL: Aul Flossie, she lay sleepin, wi her nose upon her paw

NEFA1994.027.09    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: More on competitions

S: It is the way you sing it that is important, but you do not want two fast ones, or you get out of breath. [End of cassette side A.]

NEFA1994.027.10    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: The Pear Tree
FL: Now twa young lads belang o this nation
S: Humorous song. Heard it on a Keith Festival tape.

NEFA1994.027.11    Transcription
P: George Barclay
Lonely at Nicht in the Bothy
FL: Noo fin I gaed hame tae Airda
S: Charlie Allan bothy song. He likes the fact that the songs speak of farm life, a life with which he is familiar. Family has been on this farm for about twenty years.

NEFA1994.027.12    Transcription
P: George Barclay
T: Tam Reid an the Bull
FL: Brigie's girse park last year wis a mess wi the moles
S: Recitation.


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