The Banff and Buchan Collection

Fyvie Folk Club, Fyvie, 04/05/1994

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NEFA 1994.012.01    Transcription
P: Sheila Macdonald 
T: Herrin's Heids
FL: But fit'll I dae wi the herrin's back
S: Recording begins partway into song.

NEFA 1994.012.02    
P:  Mike Rogers
T: Introduction

NEFA 1994.012.03        
P:  Miguel Padilla 
T: Introduction and presentation of cheque for cancer research.

NEFA 1994.012.04    
P: Stramash [Miguel Padilla (recorder), George Allen (bodhran)] 
T: ????/ Love will Ye Marry Me
S: Instrumental tune. [Levels change at start.]

NEFA 1994.012.05    Transcription
P: George Allen  
T: Story about local farmer and his bull

NEFA 1994.012.06    
P:  Stramash [Miguel Padilla (recorder), George Allen (bodhran)]  
T: Gie Me a Lass wi a Lump o Land
S: Tune on recorder and bodhran.

NEFA 1994.012.07-08    Transcription
P: George Allen 
T: Willie Macnamara
FL: There wis this fella fae the Gallagate
S: Matt McGinn song with voice and audience chorus.

NEFA 1994.012.08    Transcription
P:  Tom McKean  
T: ????

NEFA 1994.012.09    Transcription
P: Tom McKean 
T: Peggy on the Banks o Spey
FL: Peggy on the banks o Spey, she's aye sae blythe an cheerie

NEFA 1994.012.10    Transcription
P: Tom McKean 
T:  Courtin in the Stable
FL: The nicht wis fine, twis aifter nine
S: Bothy song learned from Andrew Robbie, New Pitsligo.

NEFA 1994.012.11    Transcription
P: Tom McKean  
T: Am Faca Tu Saor an t-Sabhaidh/ Ruidhlidh na Coillich Dhubha
FL: Am faca tu saor an t-sabhaidh
S: Gaelic mouth music.

NEFA 1994.012.12    
P: Mike Rogers 
T: Introduction
S: Introducing next act.

NEFA 1994.012.13-14    
P:  Peter Hawkey (flute) and Jim Green (bodhran) 
T: The Easy Club Reel/ ????
S: Two reels on keyed flute and bodhran. [Track crosses side A-B on cassette original.]

NEFA 1994.012.15    Transcription
P:  Peter Hawkey 
T:  The Woollen and Linen Song
FL: Oh harken the little bees hunt for treasure
S: Song from Northumberland.

NEFA 1994.012.16    
P:  Peter Hawkey (flute) and Jim Green (bodhran) 
T: ????(Jig)/ Jump at the Sun/ The Mug of Brown Ale
S: Three jigs on keyed flute and bodhran, the middle by John Kirkpatrick.

NEFA 1994.012.17    
P:  Mike Rogers 
T:  Announcement

NEFA 1994.012.18    Transcription
P:  Carol Eddie 
T: The Oxygen Pipe
FL: Well, I wis goin tae tell ye this story
S: Humorous story..

NEFA 1994.012.19    Transcription
P:  Carol Eddie 
T: Ode to a Runaway Haggis
FL: Ye slippery, slidery hunk o maet
S: Poem sent into the Press and Journal in 1969 after a haggis slipped off a plate at a Burns supper.

NEFA 1994.012.20    Transcription
P:  Carol Eddie  
T: The Button Box
FL: I maun sort oot this button box
S: Another poem, by Joyce Averill, from her mother's collection.

NEFA 1994.012.21    
P:  Sheena Macdonald 
T: Announcements
and introduction
S: Announcement re. this year's festival, Eric Bogle is coming to Fyvie.

NEFA 1994.012.22    Transcription
P:  Walter Macdonald  
T: Twa Recruitin Sergeants
FL: Twa recruitin sergeants cam fae the Black Watch

NEFA 1994.012.23    Transcription
P:  Walter Macdonald 
T: Willie McBride
FL: Well how do you do, private William McBride
S: Eric Bogle song. [Cut off near end.]


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