The Banff and Buchan Collection

Jane Turriff, Mintlaw, 13/01/1994

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NEFA 1994.001.01   
P: Jane Turriff
T: Announcement

NEFA 1994.001.02   
P: Jane Turriff
T: Home, Home on the Range/ Red River Valley/ You'll Never Miss Your Mother When She's Gone
S: Accordion instrumental.

NEFA 1994.001.03   
P: Jane Turriff
T: Wild Mountain Thyme/ Tramps an Hawkers/ When You and I Were Young, Maggie/ The Girl I Left Behind Me

S: Accordion instrumental. Stops part way.

NEFA 1994.001.04    
P: Jane Turriff
T: The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Mcpherson's Rant
S: Accordion instrumental.

NEFA 1994.001.05    
P: Jane Turriff
T: Loch Lomond
S: Accordion instrumental.

NEFA 1994.001.06    
P: Jane Turriff
T: Loch Lomond/ Bonnie Charlie's Noo Awa
S: Accordion instrumental, with different reeds from previous track.

NEFA 1994.001.07    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Singing in the family

S: Jane got those tunes from her mother and father. They used to sing those songs. They had a gramophone when they were young, but mostly people sang, and her father played the pipes. JT's mother was always singing old fashioned songs. Being disabled, Jane never went out a lot, so when her mother was home cleaning, she would sing the old song. Her grandfather used to sing around the place as well. Jane had time to sit and listen to the songs because she was home with mother. She did not need to learn them, she just absorbed them.

NEFA 1994.001.08    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Singing all her life
S: She used to play the organ in the house after helping her mother with housework. Jane never stopped singing and singing is a good life, so she was happy. She worked hard around the house and got her bed and food, and maybe a Jimmie Rodgers record. Singin is her life. She likes people who are interested in singing and the old songs. She could teach TM to sing. She taught Clive Powell and he has won several festivals. She sings 'The Dowie Dens' and 'My Wee Doggie'.

NEFA 1994.001.09    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: The mood for singing
S: You have to be in the mood for singing; your heart has to be in it. Sometimes she is not in the mood and it does not come out right.

NEFA 1994.001.10    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Making songs
S: Jane has made three songs, one about her son, one about the old days, the hills and dales. She has never done anything with them.

NEFA 1994.001.11    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: I've Jist Come Hame tae See Ma Friends
S: Recites one of her songs. There are more verses to it. Jane often used to make up verses, but not so much now. She used to wake up with a verse in her head and have to get up and write it down.

NEFA 1994.001.12    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Writing songs down
S: She has songs written down on the backs of Christmas cards and every other bit of paper around the house. Sometimes songs come into her head that she has not thought of for years, then she writes it down. [laughs] Often she will sit down at the piano and look through the songs. Her father used to like her singing.

NEFA 1994.001.13    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Hillbilly songs
S: They used to like the hillbilly songs, though she was surrounded by the old songs as well. Jimmie Rodgers and Gracie Fields were her favourites. Sometimes her father would ask for 'Blue, Blue', or 'Little Golden Locket' from Jane.

NEFA 1994.001.14    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Little Golden Locket
FL: I've a little golden locket
 Sings a verse. That was a Jimmie Rodgers song, on which he yodelled.

NEFA 1994.001.15    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Cowboy songs

S: She liked the cowboy songs first and got interested in the old songs when she was fifteen or sixteen. She and her mother had pianos. They would sing together, very happy. Her mother was eighty six when she died, a good while ago. She still has a tape of her mother and herself, but not her father piping or fiddling. Jane was disabled, but worked for her mother and taught herself to play. Mentions Davie Stewart. [End of side A.]

NEFA 1994.001.16    Transcription
P: Jane Turriff
T: Taught herself to play
S: She taught herself to play the accordion, piano and harmonium.


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