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mapThe North East Folklore Archive, an internet resource established by Aberdeenshire Council for the study of the cultural heritage and traditions of North East Scotland.

Last updated 10th April, 2014.


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'Hard Vrocht Grun' a major World War I project is coming to this site soon, and we need YOUR help. Find out more




nefa needs you NEW! 'The Ledger of The Polar Star.' A study of the famous Peterhead whaling ship and her career at the port based on the owners' accounts ledger. With biographical notes and family photographs.

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nefa needs youNEW! Are you researching family history?

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NEW! Aberdeenshire primary schools have been invited to make contributions to nefa jnr. Rosehearty open this new chapter with the tragic story of 'Poor Mary', a young girl from Glasgow who was evacuated to Rosehearty during World War II.

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NEW! 'Paper Treasure' research resources and task sheets for schools now online!

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The Archive

Focusing primarily on the North East's farming and fishing communities, the substance of the Archive includes written articles, recorded interviews, biographical notes, photographs, diaries, songs and tunes.

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Aberdeenshire Primary Schools' very own corner of the NEFA web site.

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About NEFA

This website has been online since December 4th 1999. Click below to find out more about its history and future plans.

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News at NEFA

Keeping you up to date with what's been happening at the Archive and Arc Studio.

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Arc Recording Studio

ARC Recording Studio, a 32 track digital audio recording facility, occupies the ground floor of the NEFA building. Click below to find out more.

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